Policies and Proceedures

Please take the time to read If you are a long time or new customer as this bit of information will be a helpful guide to my company’s policies and procedures. This is basic non formal service agreement and more of a brief description of important information regarding operations, important dates and home owner responsibilities

I begin thanking you old and new customer with trusting my company with your pool. I’m very humbled and honored that you’ve allowed us to be your service company. Over the years I’ve continued to learn and grow in my understanding of my industry, making sure that you are receiving the most knowledgeable and credible information regarding your swimming pools service. My promise to you is that I will continue to place integrity and customer service as a top priority as the fundamental structure of my business. I truly enjoy my business and want to always bring excellent service to your home.

Policies and Procedures

Weekly Service and Hours of Business

Weekly service will be performed on the same day every week at the given day of the week. Every so often we may need to change your service day in the needs to  restructure our routes or a temporary sick day/ set back. We will be sure to notify you of this change and will always do our best to work with you. Service tags are always left in the skimmer after every service visit to notify you that we have been there to service pool. Business hours are from 7 am – 4 pm Monday – Friday. You can contact us via email, phone or text during those hours. If there is an afterhours emergency you can call and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. If it is not urgent we ask you to send us an email and we will respond the following business day.

BILLING and Important Dates

Around the 23rd-25th of every month an invoice will be sent to your email for services rendered for that month. If a major repair was done during the month that invoice will be sent immediately after work has been completed. Payments can be made using the Intuit link on the invoices (save a stamp) or check by mail. We ask you to make payments with 15 days of receiving your invoice.  THERE WIILL BE NO SERVICE THE WEEK OF THANKGIVING AND CHRISTMAS. Your service rate is based on a 48 week schedule. There will be 2 weeks out of the year you receive and extra week of service. In exchange we will take off the holiday weeks.

Filter Cleaning

If you have a DE or Cartridge Filter we will clean and inspect your filter every 6 months $90. Typically we  clean your filter at the end of the summer (August/September) and the again in the late winter early spring(January-March).

Draining you pool and Scale Buildup

Pools in Arizona need to be drained as a rule of thumb every 2-3 years. AZ water is very hard and as we add chemicals over time certain levels become elevated causing both chemical use to increase and also staining of the surface to become more prevalent. Salt water pools are different and these rules don’t apply. We will contact you once the pool water needs to be drained to discuss the procedure. We prefer to drain our pools November- March. Due to hard water, pool tile in AZ will develop calcium and scale. In most cases we will need to glass bead the tile, unless you’ve made specially service arrangements with us to add specialty chemicals to fight against buildup.


If you have an aggressive dog or an animal that we feel won’t allow us to enter the back yard safley, we ask that you keep the animal locked up on your service day. This is a major liability for both us and you and we want to avoid this at all cost. If you have an aggressive dog and your dog is left out on your service day, we will not be able to service your pool that day. We will do our best to come back after contacting you, but we ask that this does not become a reoccurring issue.

Home Owner Responsibilities

If you do not have an auto fill to your pool and have to fill by hose, it is your responsibility to keep the water level stable. In the event the pool is overflowing by a broken auto fill please shut supply line off at the vacuume breaker and notify us so that we can replace or repair. If there is a leak at the equipment and flooding occurs please locate breaker to pump and shut off and notify us. If you don’t know where these are located please ask and we will be happy to show you. We ask that you maintain the pool’s surrounding landscaping and keep trees from overhanging. This will keep service rates down as well as keep the pool’s overall performance up. If small pool toys or rocks are left at the bottom of the pool, this will jam most cleaners and prevent them from working during the week, so please remove these items after swimming.