Weekly Pool Cleaning

Weekly Service Cleaning

We perform a complete service weekly which includes maintenance chemicals. (Chlorine and Acid)

Services Includes

  • Netting the surface and bottom
  • Brushing the walls and steps
  • Emptying all baskets (skimmers, leaf canisters and pumps)
  • Vacuuming if needed
  • Inspecting pool equipment for leaks and performance
  • Backwash filter when needed
  • Verifying automatic cleaners are working
  • Salt cell systems are cleaned monthly

Replacement parts typically under $30 we will replace without notifying the customer. All replacement parts or repairs will be added to the bill at the end of each month. If the replacement part or repair is over $30 we will always ask the customer for approval before replacing or repairing.

Weekly Service Costs

Starts at $105 a month for play pool. Larger pools can range from $105- $120 a month depending on volume and surrounding landscape. Weekly Service is a monthly fee which some months you may receive 5 visits vs 4. We don’t charge extra for those visits. We do in return take the week of Christmas and Thanksgiving off. Special services  of filter cleans and  draining pools are not included in the monthly service costs. We charge $90 to clean your DE or cartridge filter every 6 months. Pools need to be drained typically every 3 years. We charge $120 for this service.

Service Verification

We leave after each visit a slip in the skimmer to verify the date and time with services performed after each service trip. We will always double check gates are locked when done.


We do all our billing via email at the end of each month for that months service. Payment can be made using the intuit payment link on your invoice, check by mail or keep a credit card on file with us. Please note credit cards are an additional 5%.