Repairs & Installation

We perform all pool related repairs and new equipment installations

Repairs include

  • Pumps
  • motors
  • filters
  • gas heaters and heat pumps
  • salt systems
  • automation and electrical
  • plumbing leaks and valves
  • automatic pool cleaners
  • pool lights
  • pop ups and in floor systems
  • water levelers
  • deck and interior repairs


New Equipment Installs and Sales

We are fully licensed to sell and install new equipment and equipment packages

  • Variable Speed Pumps
  • Pump and Filter upgrades
  • New Heater Installation or Heater Replacement
  • Salt System replacement or conversion
  • Adding automation(remote systems)
  • Automatic Pool cleaners
  • maintenance services-
  • Filter cleaning (DE and Cartridge)
  • Drain and refills
  • Sand Changes
  • tile cleaning
  • acid washes